Traveling with Dog

Tips to travel in the cabin with your dog who is over 20 lbs

October 24, 2015

Ever been flying and wondering how that large schnauzer was able to go onboard the aircraft with it’s owner whilst it simply didn’t look like it was a guide dog or such but just a generalist family pet? Well that’s what’s called an ‘Emotional Support Animal’ or ESA. Airlines are required to carry ESA’s inside […]

Hotel Zelos San Francisco

Pet Friendly Hotels in San Francisco

October 24, 2015

A team of reporters spent 8 weeks exploring 87 top hotels in San Francisco. We slept in the beds, ate in the restaurants, tested the service, and scoped out the neighborhoods, all with an eye toward selecting the most distinguished properties. Here’s a list of our favorite pet-friendly hotels we’ve been able to narrow things […]


Top 10 tips for flying with your dog

September 14, 2015

Ten Tips for Flying with your dog Taking his first flight can be a somewhat traumatic experience for a dog that’s used to sticking his head out the car window and enjoying the sights along the way. After all, his view just won’t be the same from underneath the seat in front of you, or […]