South Korean Doggy Café

By admin, October 24, 2015

Picture a doggy haven — that’s what Bau House Dog Café feels like to dog-loving customers. Every breed of dog imaginable is there waiting for you to arrive and get to cuddling.

Successful Bau House Dog Café figured out what works: dogs! This café is so popular, people are adding it as a must-see destination to their next vacation. (Photo : Facebook/BauHouseDogCafe)

Dog people need their dog fix, and South Korea’s Bau House Dog Café sure doesn’t disappoint! Whether you are traveling and missing your dog, or live in South Korea and just can’t have one, hit the Bau House for a complete doggy experience that you won’t ever forget, according the Daily Mail. The global attraction even received five stars from Trip Advisor.

With two sides, one for large dogs and one for small, the café is a veritable doggy petting zoo as they greet you right at the door. Social, silly and gorgeous dogs are at every turn, and allowed on the tables and benches as well, which they take full advantage of. Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Borzois, Chihuahuas,

Poodles, Labradors, Chow Chows, Shih Tzus, Australian Shepherds, Corgis, Pomeranians, you name it, they have one or more. And everyone has their favorites.

The café is free to visit, but house rule say you have to purchase a drink for each hour that you are there. House-made doggy treats are also available to purchase and be prepared, as you will become very popular should you get a bag to dole out.

The staff is just as fun and friendly as the dogs. While they walk the dogs regularly, accidents are inevitable, but within 30 seconds, any “messes” disappear as the staff is always ready with a mop, squirt bottle and wipes, says Going Somewhere Slowly, who dropped in for her DCWS (dog cuddling withdrawal syndrome).

Travelers who miss their dogs also come in to get some cuddle time, just like Bitten by the Travel Bug, who always wanted a dog, but instead was allowed guinea pigs growing up. While they were fun, she never got over her need to just hang out with dogs. Bau House Dog Café fulfilled that dream and she was in doggy heaven during her last visit.

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