Traveling with Dog

About PawsTravel

PawsTravel was developed to give you hints and tips for travel with your pet!

As a pet owner and having traveled with my dog to 4 different continents and my dog having flown over 10 times in air, I wanted to share my tips and tricks on traveling with dogs. Having also worked in the travel industry for over 8 years in senior roles, I can also bring some of my travel industry expertise as well together, I catalog my thoughts and provide you some great tips as a frequent traveler with my pet and hence, the creation of Stay tuned as I typically add at least 1 new10 article a month, subscribe to my RSS feed for more information.

The photo above is my dog as he was about to leave London for the USA on British Airways at Heathrow Airport. Kudos to British Airways for doing such a wonderful and thorough job.